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CLICK book cover.

"Blenkush's well-written thriller successfully mines a well-worn mystery trope: '"the more you know, the less you like it."' excellent legal thriller... readers will be guessing the end until the book's satisfying conclusion." ~ Kirkus Reviews

"Reddition is an intriguing tale of murder, family and political gain.  It is a labyrinth of mysterious characters and unexpected plot twists that will take readers on a wild ride."  Independent Book Reviewers.

"Reddition reads like a thriller, with more substance than you might expect from this genre. The novel has all the excitement, murders and occasional gunfights its readers anticipate. Still, there are some very interesting thematic undertones. At the heart of the story, is the question of how far a man, particularly a lawyer, will go to find the truth. To what extent should a sense of morality be chosen over ambition and personal safety?"  Indiereader Reviews



CLICK book cover.

"...the pages fly by. Blenkush's second thriller holds the reader in its terrifying, suspenseful grip from the first day the couple sets up their campsite all the way to the explosive climax. With Stacy, Blenkush has created a memorable protagonist who's appealingly courageous and strong-willed." ~ Kirkus Reviews

"Powerful and emotionally overwhelming. I cried at the end. An incredible story. I highly recommend it." ~ Melissa Brown Levine, Independent Professional Book Reviewers


“John Blenkush’s novel Stacy’s Story is a harrowing depiction of one woman’s journey through hell on Earth.  Stacy must push through the confusion and hurt to find if her love for life is enough to keep her going. What if it is not?  Stacy’s story brings to light many questions that are not for the faint of heart but also emphasizes that perhaps our hearts are not as faint as we may initially believe them to be.” ~ Red City Reviews

"Gripping from start to end.  Full of real life emotion.  Makes you wonder how you would survive these circumstances!  Did not want to put down until I finished!" ~ Margaret T

"Thought this book was amazing. I am not into dark stories about kidnap etc but as soon as I started to read I just couldn't stop. Very sad, heroic but with a very bright ending. Brilliant, and would recommend to others." ~ A.Niriain

Blindsided by his mother’s deathbed confession that his father is still alive, thirty-four-year-old defense lawyer Wardel Hawkins, Jr. (Hawk) risks everything to prove Sandman—responsible for three deaths thirty years prior—deserves clemency and forgiveness.

When Hawk steps off the water taxi onto Caye Caulker and lies to Chapie Nels, the island’s unofficial ambassador, as to his identity, the shifting sands of a coerced alliance cracks open a Pandora’s box that contains clues as to the enigmatic life of ex-sheriff Wardel Hawkins, Snr. (Sandman). Sandman has spent decades harvesting sea-sand, living an ascetic life, paying penance for the death of his daughter, his partner, and his role in the murder of convict Clive Swenger.  The last thing Sandman wants is to dredge up the tragedy that destroyed his family and future and face prosecution for his frontier brand of justice. Until he learns he has a granddaughter who can fill the hole in his heart.

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