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In this fantasy romance, magical realism series, a suicidal young girl transforms into the savior of an ancient race.

In Telos, the city buried beneath Mount Shastina, the Remnant Lemurians’ DNA strain is at its end.  On the earth’s surface, world apocalypse looms.  A surface-equal, a virgin with virtuous heart and pure blood must be found to stave off extinction of the Lemurian race before life on earth is obliterated.  To this end, the Lemurians send their equal, Aaron Delmon, topside to secure a bride.

Rarely does one escape their destiny, or so they say. Julissa Grant just never dreamed hers would include becoming the Virgin Mother to the leader of the New World, producer of pluripotent cells, a manipulator of life-force energy, or an ignor-inferus – one with Lemurian physical traits, but lacking the skills and wisdom of a true Lemurian.  After all, she’s just a sixteen-year-old Midwestern Catholic-raised girl who wanted nothing more than to find renewed hope after death and despondency crushed her idyllic perception of the world.

After the deaths of her father and a dear friend, Julissa succumbs to disillusionment when her mother uproots and moves her cross-country.  Throwing caution to the wind, Julissa skips class one day to go boy-hunting.  Here she meets the high school’s outcast, Aaron Delmon.  She becomes infatuated with the golden-haired, blue-eyed boy who has mastered the Lemurian art of transferring and manipulating life-force energy and who’s training to be a Mnemonist – one who remembers all.  As she’s drawn into Aaron’s world, Julissa is introduced to a surreal Utopian way of life, one which is ruled by the Law of One - that all things are connected.

As their relationship evolves, Julissa uses Aaron as a conduit to explore the Lemurian world into which she has fallen.  When Aaron is suspected of murdering a classmate, relationships crumble.  Loyalties are fractured.  Julissa’s tenuous world spirals down.  When Julissa finds out she’ll be moving back home to Minnesota, she panics and convinces Aaron to allow her to accompany him to the Sacred Rock on Mount Shasta.  It’s here where Julissa is forced to release her core-life to Aaron and dies.  Aaron, in turn, carries Julissa into Telos and donates his bone marrow, restoring her with pure Lemurian blood, thus making her a viable candidate for the surface-equal.

Upon returning from Mount Shasta, Julissa and Aaron are forced to part ways, he returning below to Telos to heal, she remaining topside.  Depressed and suicidal, Julissa searches for answers and finds them in a gang known as the Sons and Daughters of Belial, genetic Lemurians turned Atlanteans, ruled by the goddess, Nani Doris.  Lacking Aaron’s guidance on how to manipulate and control her life-force energy while discovering she’s been embodied with the Holy Grail for healing, Julissa turns to the materialistic, power-hungry world of the Atlanteans to salve her loss and to come to terms with her notoriety.  When Julissa discovers she’s being targeted for defilement or death by Nani Doris, she reassesses her choice and returns home to her mother, only to find Dierdra’s been murdered.

Although considered ignorant and inferior (ignor-inferus) and emotionally incapable of controlling life-force energy, Julissa is the Lemurians’ best option for survival.  The Lemurians want Julissa to come to Telos to marry Aaron and produce the offspring HeIs, who will carry on the Lemurian DNA and rule the New World. Little of her surface life appeals to Julissa, as many of those she’s loved have died.  Julissa now faces a choice: remain topside to be obliterated with the rest of humanity in the coming apocalypse or escape to Telos to fulfil her new destiny as the savior of the Lemurian race.

            Julissa opts for Telos, mostly in hope of being reunited with Aaron, her love. There, she is placed in a coffin-like gabion and sent to Songline, where she exists as an avatar, to prove that she is worthy of being the surface-equal. The events in Songline are controlled by her thoughts, and she soon learns that adverse events experienced in Songline have dire consequences on her real body suspended in the gabion. What can kill her in Songline will kill her in Telos. Julissa must therefore maintain happy, safe thoughts if she is to successfully walk Songline.

            But Julissa is ignorant of Lemurian ways and incapable of controlling her life-force energy. More tragically, her life topside has left her incapable of happiness – she is subconsciously ruled by fear and despair, and her time on Songline reflects those emotions, at her peril. Even the presence of Aaron, who joins her in avatar form, is not sufficient for her to maintain the safe and stable environment she needs to survive Songline. She fails, miserably, at maintaining happy thoughts and harms Aaron in the process. She vows to return topside to be destroyed with the rest of humanity, but Paragon, the Lemurian’s leader offers her one more option – to enter the Tunnel of Discovery.

            In the Tunnel, Julissa is guided through a series of life-altering challenges by Jungo, the last of the ‘little people.’ With Jungo’s help, Julissa unlocks the key to overcoming her three most serious flaws: greed, anger, and ignorance. He teaches her the art of singlemindedness, and she discovers her true heart and rightful place in the world. She becomes one with the universal life-force and an adherent to the Lemurian Law of One.

            Julissa and Aaron – again as avatars walking Songline – are then put through a series of rigorous tests to determine their compatibility. In the end, they succeed in walking Songline together and are united in marriage. With the apocalypse imminent, they consummate their marriage and are then set adrift in their gabion pods, along with 23 other Lemurian virgins, to escape the devastation as Armageddon’s Killshot is fired.

              Julissa Grant emerges from suspended animation decades after her launch from Telos, the Lemurian city within the hollows of Mount Shastina.  Life on earth is all but decimated during Armageddon, but remnants of humankind survived by taking shelter underground and are slowly establishing a New World.  Julissa, having been chosen the surface-equal, is carrying the child of her newly-wed husband, pure-blood Lemurian, Aaron Delmon.  As prophesized by the Foretold, the child (HeIs) is to be the sire of future Lemurians, and Julissa’s Holy-Grail blood will add critical DNA, strengthening the deteriorating genetics of the Lemurian race, which is about to go extinct. Only now – 75 years later – is Julissa’s pod melting out from an ice cave.

            Julissa is rescued by Cherrie, once her best friend and an ignor-inferus (mixed blood) Lemurian, but who, chiseled by time, adverse conditions, and a sacrifice all will-to-survive, has switched loyalties to the Atlanteans.   The Atlanteans, headed by their self-appointed queen Nani Doris and her Sons and Daughters of Belial, live in relative luxury in the city of Atlantis, while the Lemurians exist in squalor and prehistoric cave conditions.  In an effort to prolong Lemurian extinction, Aaron – not able to find his wife – and those brides who survived, give birth to flawed offspring known as the Glass Clan.  Nani Doris, aware of the Foretold’s prophecy of a forthcoming ruler, orders the capture of all Lemurian males, any existing brides from the Old World, and the destruction of the Lemurian’s food stores.  The Atlanteans force the captive Lemurians to fight as gladiators for Atlantean entertainment.

            Julissa yearns for Aaron, who has sacrificed his freedom to protect his clan, but due to the labyrinth of lava tunnels, the way to Atlantis is impenetrable.  Cherrie convinces Julissa that Telos’s Ruby – which contains the record of all things – is key to cracking the Scroll.  Julissa, having studied under the wizard, Jungo, has learned singlemindedness.  She leads Cherrie and her henchmen through the Sticks of Stone cave, but not having perfected the art of vampirism, the ability to manipulate and transfer lifeforce energy, Julissa falters.  She calls on Kriss’shon, Aaron’s deceased mother, who impregnated Julissa’s subconsciousness with her essence and now provides her with guidance.

            Cherrie and Julissa fail to find the ruby in the ruins of Telos, but Julissa’s crystal syncs with the Ruby allowing the transference of the record, including, Julissa believes, the path through the maze and Scroll to Atlantis.  Cherrie, having been elevated to the right hand of the queen, is fueled by jealousy.  Cherrie, now known as Perseus, despises Julissa for being named the “surface-equal” of prophecy, as she had been groomed for the role, having been replaced once she became soiled by sex. Once back from Telos, Cherrie steals Julissa’s crystal and abandons her in Jungo’s cave as she and her servant followers head for Atlantis to deliver the crystal to Nani Doris.

            In her search for Cherrie and the crystal, Julissa is adopted by a village of people she calls the Glass Clan, led by a woman named Tualina.  She discovers that they are all Aaron’s offspring.  Amongst them, hidden beneath veil, is a male, Edeaoin, who has escaped from Atlantis.  Edeaoin informs Julissa that he is Aaron’s son, that Aaron bartered his own life so the Glass Clan can live free, and that Nani Doris is using Aaron as a power source to energize the city.  Edeaoin and the Glass Clan work with Julissa to free additional brides from the ice but fail in their endeavors.  Not willing to accept their fate of extinction, Edeaoin and Julissa set out for Atlantis, but Julissa is separated from Edeaoin when he is washed out to sea.  Julissa uses her lifeforce energy and the skills Jungo taught her to find her own way to Atlantis.

            Once through the Scroll, Julissa encounters those who she believes are followers of Cherrie, but finds to her delight they are Lemurian brides, with the exception of one.  Dasan, a male, an Atlantean, is the estranged son of Atlantis’s queen, birthed in revenge from the Judas, Jason Chavez who, on Julissa’s behalf, betrayed the queen in the Old World.  Dasan leads what is left of the ragtag brides as gladiators fighting to be freed.  A struggle that is at a stalemate, given that both Lemurians and their black-hearted descendants, the Atlanteans, are embedded with a DNA trigger referred to as blast-cell burnout.  Should they, with intent, kill, they suffer death.  However, they can, by infection or a thousand-cuts, die.  Only three, the ignor-inferuses, can kill without suffering blast-cell burnout; Dasan, Perseus, and Julissa.

            Aaron, needing to recharge, visits the imprisoned daily.  Julissa, although ecstatic, recognizes his decline.  The queen tempts Julissa by offering her a seat at her throne, her son to be Atlantean raised.  Julissa refuses, knowing that the fate of the Lemurian race rests with her.  The queen imprisons Julissa and forces her to fight Perseus, but Perseus, having a change of heart, self-impales on Julissa’s sword, setting up pawn takes queen.  Julissa fights Nani, provoking the queen into killing her.  Nani succumbs to blast-cell burnout, as do her lifeforce-linked followers.  However, Julissa’s Holy-Grail pluripotent cells, capable of reprogramming, resurrect her.  Dasan assumes the throne.  Aaron having passed, Dasan asks Julissa to sit as queen, paving the way for HeIs to become ruler. The prophecy of the FORETOLD is fulfilled.

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