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Distortion. Warp, twist, bend, buckle, contort, curve, disfigure, gnarl, knot, deform…is inherent to life as we grow and decay. Everything around us, including the universe, distorts form its original form, until it no longer resembles the original. A natural occurring event unless the distortion is manipulated.

Our grandchildren are growing up in a world of influenced spin, thrust into their beings from Chrome books, smart phones, and the ‘Alexas’ of the world.

Driven by imagination, agendas, and ideological differences, our species has perfected manipulation through distortion. What is real? What is not? What remains steadfast? God’s word? Nature? Love? Can we trust…anything?

A fiction writer’s job is to provoke the emotions of the reader. But if those sensations have become deadened through overload, does a fiction writer’s work stand a chance? Can Hollywood continue to crank out anything of substance? Can humanity survive living in a world that has no resemblance to reality?

Maybe. If we return to ‘self’ and reflection. What we know, feel, and hold in our hearts as to be real.

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