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The purest of sounds. Cleansing. Spurring life. Cold. Wet. Warm. Perfecting the Circle of Life as it showers down from the sky, puddles, filters into the soil, gushes to lakes, oceans, and deep reservoirs, only to return to the atmosphere though evaporation and transpiration. It takes on implicit forms; liquid, solid, and vapor, bathing us in steam, sleet, snow, and, yes, sweat, heating, cooling, and freezing all that stands in its way. From the droplet that nourishes to the tsunami that destroys, the range of its impact remains supreme. Our success in exploring Earth relied heavily on the presence of water, whether we used it as a vehicle to delve into the depths of the jungle or to preserve the 60-plus-percent water we retain in our bodies. Not to mention the aqueous solution coursing through our veins contains 92% water, maintaining life-force – our ability to live or exist. And so the search continues, to find evidence of moisture on other planets, for therein lies life.

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