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A despondent, maligned, and shamed teenager transforms into our planet’s only hope of salvation.

"The Solstice book series is nothing like I have ever enjoyed reading before. The story of Jules from her humble beginnings to her foretold end is inspiring. Fans of Stephanie Meyer will immediately want to dive into this series. This book is a great read at twilight or dawn or midday. There is the potential aspect that the story could be only akin to Bobby stepping out of the shower.

The reader will have to determine how these stories appeal to them. If you are a fan of Suzanne Collins, then this book series is for you too. The constant keeping the reader on edge generates a hunger that feels like a game. The books are a sweeping saga seemingly about love. The love of Aaron and Julissa or is it the love of peace? What is the price of peace and what will you have to put up with or give up before reaching that goal? Read this incredible series and determine that for yourself. Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien will also love this series. I will be shocked if Apple+ doesn't come knocking to create a new tv show out of this series." ~ N. N. Light

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