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~ I would definitely recommend this book, (Of The Heart) it's a great start to the series and keeps you wanting more. ~ This was one of those books that, all of the sudden, I found myself at the end. I really enjoyed Sacrifice, it's a great follow to Of the Heart! And what a cliffhanger we are left with, I loved it. Can't wait to read the next one! ~ Emi Lia

Of The Heart

When 16-year-old Julissa Grant, broken hearted by the loss of her father and a close friend, is uprooted and moved cross-country by her distraught mother, she throws caution to the wind and assumes a downward spiral to self-destruction.  Only when Julissa meets a gifted boy, a true-blood Lemurian, who is being schooled as a Memorizer and trained in the age old art of manipulating and transferring life-force energy, does she discover renewed hope.


Book TWO of the SOLSTICE SERIES ratchets up the romance between Julissa Grant and Aaron Delmon.  The more Julissa learns about the Delmons-specifically Aaron-the more she places herself in the direct path of an ideological conflict and in personal danger.  In the end Julissa must make a life and death decision to either hold onto what little life force she has left or allow Aaron to take her energy and exploit it in a long shot to save them both from certain death.

Black Moon Rising

In book THREE of the SOLSTICE SERIES, Julissa finds herself straying from the Law Of One when her beloved, Aaron Delmon, turns up missing.  Influenced by the Sons and Daughters of Belial, she wanders into a world apart from anything she has ever known.  She breaks away from the underpinnings of her upbringing and uses her newfound gift of vampirisim to manipulate life-force energy to gain influence and power.  Not until she is standing at the brink of destruction does she recognize the error of her ways and reap the consequences. 


In Telos, the city buried beneath Mount Shastina, the remnant DNA strain of the Lemurian race is at its end. On the earth’s surface, world apocalypse looms. A surface-equal – a virgin with virtuous heart and pure blood – must be found to stave off extinction of the Lemurian race before life on earth is obliterated. The Lemurians believe they have found her – sixteen-year-old Julissa Grant.

With nothing left topside to hold her, the maligned and shamed Julissa makes her choice and follows the cousins into Telos.  As of yet, she is unproven and considered by many of the Lemurian council a mismatch for Aaron.  To prove otherwise, Julissa and Aaron are tested as avatars, walking Songline to see if they’re compatible and capable of working together.  Burdened with three serious flaws, greed, anger, and ignorance, Julissa fails miserably with detriment to Aaron.  Julissa reluctantly agrees to return topside.  But Paragon, the leader of the Lemurians offers her a chance to redeem herself by entering the Discovery Tunnel.  Here she’s challenged by a series of self-discovery tasks by Jungo, the last of the little people.  While learning singlemindedness and with time ticking down before Armageddon’s Killshot is fired, will Julissa conquer her inner demons?  Or lose her place in the New World to one of her competitors?  

NEW WORLD(1).jpg


Julissa Grant, age 16, emerges from suspended animation decades after her launch from Telos, the Lemurian city within the hollows of Mount Shastina.  Julissa, Aaron, and 23 other virgins were set adrift in their pods as Armageddon’s Killshot was fired.  Life on earth is all but decimated during Armageddon, but remnants of humankind survived by taking shelter underground and are slowly establishing a New World.  Julissa, having been chosen the surface-equal, is carrying the child of her newly-wed husband, pure-blood Lemurian, Aaron Delmon.  As prophesized by the Foretold, the child (HeIs) is to be the sire of future Lemurians, and Julissa’s Holy-Grail blood will add critical DNA, strengthening the deteriorating genetics of the Lemurian race, which is about to go extinct. Only now – 75 years later – is Julissa’s pod melting out from an ice cave.

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