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Praise for the Solstice Series


FIVE STARS! - “Wow, what a journey! This book (Songline) is beautifully written and thoroughly engaging. I really would like to read the entire series. You are definitely going to have success with it, and it will make an awesome TV series/movie. Thanks for an excellent read (and I am definitely well beyond the YA age group). Cheers< EM328” Comment from Scribendi Editor.


FIVE STARS! - "The Solstice book series is nothing like I have ever enjoyed reading before. The story of Jules from her humble beginnings to her foretold end is inspiring. Fans of Stephanie Meyer will immediately want to dive into this series. This book is a great read at twilight or dawn or midday. There is the potential aspect that the story could be only akin to Bobby stepping out of the shower. The reader will have to determine how these stories appeal to them. If you are a fan of Suzanne Collins, then this book series is for you too. The constant keeping the reader on edge generates a hunger that feels like a game. The books are a sweeping saga seemingly about love. The love of Aaron and Julissa or is it the love of peace? What is the price of peace and what will you have to put up with or give up before reaching that goal? Read this incredible series and determine that for yourself. Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien will also love this series. I will be shocked if Apple+ doesn't come knocking to create a new tv show out of this series." ~ N. N. Light

FIVE STARS! - "Blenkush has created a universe that stands out from the rest, wrapping his main characters up in narratives that are full of mystery, passion, and inspiration. The writing is immersive and descriptive, his characters truly come alive on the page. Julissa is an interesting character, whose traits are used in the utmost extent to deliver a story that is an undeniably a good read.  Blenkush spends a great deal of time incorporating within his plot historical information about the mysticism behind Mt. Shasta, the lost city of Telos, Mu (the cradle of mankind), and the Lemurians’ connection with another lost city: Atlantis. Blenkush keeps his story constantly flowing by combining all of the above-mentioned literary elements, as well as including un-hackneyed scenarios and cliff-hanging chapter endings. The Solstice Series offers fantasy romance aficionados a unique and unforgettable storyline.  This (series) has the ability to grab the reader and never let them go.” ~ Red City Reviews

FOUR STARS! - “This is a fascinating story full of action, mystery, and suspense. Dead pigs come alive during Biology class, a car is pulled back up over a cliff with telepathic powers, and scorched smelling air are just a few of the events you will encounter. Have you ever wondered about life-forces and how they affect all species? Have you noticed grasshoppers only hop forward, never sideways or backward? When individuals are depressed or sad, the human touch can be powerful. Or you can go from being happy to sad depending on the people around you. Why is this?
I liked this book (Of The Heart) because it made me think about the world around me and how my emotions can be influenced by outside sources. The story grabbed my attention at the beginning and continued throughout the book. The cliffhanger ending makes me want to run out and buy the next volume.”  ~ Bertha Jackson,



FIVE STARS! “Atlantis. Secret Societies. Lemurians. If you find yourself intrigued by any of these, then Solstice of the Heart might just be your cup of tea. Julissa is your average teen, except that during one year she suffers the loss of her boyfriend, her father and her uncle, after which her mother uproots her to move to California. Not the beaches though, where a teenager might love to hang out, but the mysterious Mount Shasta.  Located in northern California, Mount Shasta is the home of a legend centered on a hidden city of advanced beings from the lost continent of Lemuria. Whether Lemurians actually exist, they do amidst the pages of the Solstice series and author John Blenkush crafts the legend so skillfully, I actually spent an evening researching the mysterious Mount Shasta and its legendary people.  Julissa does no such research. She has access to the real thing, a young man named Aaron Delmon, whose unique abilities soon have her wondering just what sort of people the Delmon's are and if she should be wary of them. I was reminded of the Twilight series in that respect, but only in that way, as Blenkush's tale is as unique and intriguing as the myths he explores throughout his narrative.  There's action, suspense, romance, and a lovely splash across the metaphysical pond where readers explore such profound questions as the true cost of peace and why insects only hop in certain directions.  Unexpected and exhilarating, Solstice of the Heart is a symphony of subtle nuances, harmonious prominences, comprehensibility, and resounding ambiguities that set the stage for a consummate fantasy read." ~ Cynthia A. Morgan, an award-winning author of Fantasy, Dystopian Action, Romance and Poetry.

FIVE STARS! - Songline by John Blenkush is the quiet before the storm; when the reader turns the last page, they will have no idea what to expect from the last book in the Solstice series—which is exactly what the best authors manage to do with cliffhanger endings. Having built up his world over the course of four books, Blenkush brings everything tumbling down again, leaving plenty of room for speculation as to what the last book in the series will entail. The Solstice series’ strength lies in its rich cast of characters, who have grown with us since Book 1. Nowhere is this more evident than in the case of Julissa, once just a maligned and shamed teenager but now our planet’s only hope of salvation. Readers will also travel to new settings, like the city of Telos that sits under Mount Shasta and delve more deeply into the mysteries of Julissa’s world than ever before. Red City Reviews.

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